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About us

Winding Back The Clock

Timeless Clinic is the home of Advanced Skin and Product supplies. Treatments range from High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Radio Frequency Microneedling, Aesthetics, Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Fillers, Microblading, Semi Permanent Make Up, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal and much more.

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Our Story

The Timeless story starts with a vision, a vision to introduce people to the best version of themselves.


Timeless is not just another Aesthetics Clinic but rather an experience.  We intend to ensure that the experience does not just last for the duration of your treatment but one that you could consider to be 'Timeless' in its own right.


The beauty of life can only truly be maximised when you are comfortable in your skin. This is a challenge that we all individually face, and we here at Timeless Clinic want to play our part in making you feel more comfortable with who you are. To achieve this, we have a range of offerings through our Advanced Treatments, which are bespoke and individualised to suit your own needs. Impacting all our clients with positive and rewarding experiences is the core principle that we pride ourselves in.

We believe this is your moment to reinvent yourself after years of focusing on the needs of others.


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The Team

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