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Elemental Focused Training Masterclass

"Cass's knowledge and experience in applying NLP and other disciplines/techniques is excellent. He is very easy to talk to and he explains very well the whys and wherefores of what he is doing. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves." PS

"This Guy is absolutely amazing at what he does, Didn’t really believe in this sort of thing, Now I do" VI


Elemental Focused Training From The Inside Out is a unique course that you will not find anywhere else. It blends Energetics from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with NLP, Time Line Work and other modalities. There is a saying in TCM that if we do not act in accordance with the season we are in, we will struggle in the next physically, mentally and emotionally leaving us feeling drained, directionless and unhappy. 

Elemental Focused Training enables students to hone their energies, act in harmony with the current season or phase, and create change and transformation From The Inside Out. 
The training is split into four phases or elements, each of which represents a season.  Which can be taken individually or as a package. Each element lasts three months and fuses Qi Gong, NLP , Time Line Work, Meditation, Gua Sha and Buddha Palm to help you to connect to your purpose, work with your mind, balance your energetic systems and make the changes you want From The Inside Out.

Each Quarter or Phase consists of:
  • 3 x Day long Master Class held at Timeless Academy, Pangbourne once per month. 

  • In depth instruction with access to the tutor outside of the classes to ask questions. 

  • Technique & Information Sheets that you can take away and use outside of the class.

  • MP3 Meditations for you to practice at home. 

  • MP4 Videos of the Qi Gong routines for use at home.  


Whichever phase you want to do, there is a Foundation aspect to prepare you. This consists of simple exercises and a Bazi Chart. You will only have the Foundation aspect during the time you do a training.


  • Your Bazi Chart. Bazi means 8 Characters, and is part of the Four Pillars of Destiny. It is the TCM version of your birth and astrological chart. The main difference being that in TCM this shows your Constitutional Energies at birth which tells us all about the essence of you. Then taking those energies forward in time we can look at timings for when your constitution will be strong, fully supported by the universal resonance, and when you may struggle more as they oppose your constitution. This will allow us to map out when you may need to look after yourself better through treatments, and when you can really throw yourself into that next step. For your Bazi I will ask you for your birth information to create your chart.  

  • Your Values Map. Does your Unconscious Mind support what you want to be, do and achieve? Using Spiral Dynamics and NLP we will map your Values and see if your Unconscious Mind is aligned to your Superconscious. Values mapping is a simple paper exercise, you will have an audio and PDF that explains exactly how to do it preparing your for your workshops. 

  • Constructive and Destructive Energy Awareness Exercise and Meditation. This meditation and exercise is designed to get you to consciously understand who and what you are creating a constructive energy with, and who and what you are creating a destructive or self cancelling energy with. This is important for understanding what is moving you forward and what is holding you back from what you want to be, do and achieve. 


Wood Phase  (5th Feb - 4th May)

Spring (Wood Phase) starts with the month of the Tiger. Wood is about explosive growth, and we want to harness the energy we have cultivated in the Water Phase and use it to grow our outcomes, expand into the world with strength and vitality. If we have neglected the Water phase this can be hard to do and often makes us feel challenged and as though life is full of obstacles rather than opportunities. We also spend this phase learning to focus, and direct our intention and attention so as not to waste our energy with a shotgun scatter approach.  
During the Wood Phase we learn to open our Microcosmic Orbit using Qi Gong and Buddha Palm, a system that is thousand of years old for circulating the energy through the body so it is strong and able to support our explosive growth. Microcosmic Orbit has not been in the West that long as it was a long protected secret in China. We will also learn to energise our energy and give us the kick we need for that explosive expansion. 

At the beginning of the Wood Phase we will learn how to put goals onto our Timeline to align our Unconscious Mind and how to alter our Values Hierarchy's to better reach our desired outcomes. 

  • Master Class 1 - Sunday 4th Feb 2024 

  • Master Class 2 - Sunday 3rd March 2024

  • Master Class 3 - Sunday 7th April 2024

Fire Phase (5th May - 6th Aug)

The Fire phase is the peak of our expansion. It uses the fuel of the Wood Phases Explosive Growth to thrive, and really push our goals, desires and outcomes. This is the time to really reap what we have sown, and enjoy life and bring joy to others. 

In the Phase we will be learning Buddha Palm to transmit energy to others in a more focused way. We do this everyday anyway unconsciously. Everyone we give our attention to receives our energy, and we theirs. during the Fire Phase we will also look at how to protect our energy from other peoples influence whilst being a positive force in the world creating constructive energy and brining our purpose forward into the world from our Superconscious through our goals. 


  • Master Class 1 Sunday 5th May 2024

  • Master Class 2 Sunday 2nd June 2024

  • Master Class 3 Sunday 7th July 2024

Metal Phase (7th Aug - 6th Nov)

The Metal phase is the key phase because most people ignore it. Most of us will push through the autumn as though it is still summer, ignoring the contraction taking place, and challenging the natural flow around us resulting in a form of burnout which takes most of Winter to recover from, and leaving us with little time to build our energy for the Wood season leaving us unready for the explosive growth.  

Metal is about Contraction after the peak of Summer. Anywhere we observe nature there is always a contraction after a peak, in our seasons, even our heartbeat and circulatory system have a form of contraction and return to source or rest period. 

During the Metal phase we start to wind down our goals and outcomes, tying up loose ends that we can finish with the resources we have left from our explosive growth and flaring brightly in the Wood and Fire seasons. We also begin to reflect on what went well for us, what didnt work so well, what obstacles we were not able to overcome and what we need to change on the next cycle. 

For the outcomes we achieve we look at how we go to them, what can be applied to other outcomes to make them more likely to succeed? What motivated us? What caused us more of a challenge than we thought it would and how can we approach it differently.
During the Metal phase we will look back on what we have done over the last year. What did we ask for from our Superconscious? What was sent to us? What choices did we make and what has that brought us? What potential have we unlocked that we want to pursue next.    

  • Master Class 1 - Sunday 6th August 2023

  • Master Class 2 - Sunday 3rd September 2023

  • Master Class 3 - Sunday 1st October 2023 

Water Phase (6th Nov - 4th Feb)

The Water Phase is the most important phase because it will direct all the other phases. Water has a resonance with Winter, and is a time of reflection and rest. If we do not build our energy in this phase then we will likely burnout during the Wood phase of Spring, or the Fire phase of Summer and not achieve what we set out to do, or even worse leave ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted putting ourselves out of action when we should be striving and thriving to achieve our goals and desired outcomes.

The Water Phase is also the time that we look within and ask ourselves:

  • Where am I? Mentally, Physically and Emotionally what is my state of being and how is that going to impact me going forward.

  • Where do I want to be? What do I want to be, do and achieve. What outcomes am I striving for. Everything we want to be and do that is different to where we are now is going mean changing something on the inside to get what we want on the outside. Otherwise we would have already achieved our outcome. 

  • What am I going to get by achieving my outcome or goal? Am I motivated by what this gets me. What else would get me the motivation I need?

  • How am I going to get there? What resources are we short of? What challenges lay ahead. Where do I need to put my focus and attention to get to my desired outcome. 

During the Water Phase we set goals using the SMART system, along with Time Line work to align the Unconscious. We investigate our Values again, do they align with what we are looking to be, do and achieve? 

We also need to cultivate techniques for resting, and building our energy because when the Spring comes bringing the time of Wood we want to be highly motivated and ready to go. During the Water Phase we will be learning Iron Shirt Qi Gong from the Shaolin Temple and Buddha Palm to pack and build our Qi which has exceptional health benefits.
We will also learn techniques to connect more strongly to our Superconscious or Shen (Mind-Spirit) and hone in on our purpose or Ming (Life Mandate)  

  • Master Class 1 - Sunday 5th November 2023 

  • Master Class 2 - Sunday 3rd December 2023 

  • Master Class 3 - Sunday 7th January 2024


First Training of 1 Phase + Foundation: £600 or £200 per month for three months

Subsequent Training 1 Phase / Phases: £450 or £150 per month for three months

Full Year of Training (All Phases) + Foundation: £1755 or £146.25 per month for twelve months 

Subsequent Year of Training (All Phases): £1605 or £133.75 per month for twelve months  

Students will also have free access to all Qi Gong classes during the time of their training. All training takes place at Timeless Academy in Pangbourne, Berkshire RG8 7JQ.

More About Cass

Hi, I am Cass Clayton. I served 27 years in the Royal Navy leaving as a Chief Engineer, and have lead, managed and trained teams is highly stressful and pressured circumstances and environments.


I have also trained with Taoist, Buddhist and Shaolin Monks, as well as Witches, Psychics, Mediums and Healers. I am also qualified in Acupuncture, Gua'sha, Cupping,  NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis and am a teacher of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. 


As an Engineer I have a good grounding in the sciences and am an avid student of Quantum Physics, as well as Epigenetics and other cutting edge science. All these perspectives both old and new are viewing the same thing from different angles. I believe if we blend the old and the new together we can achieve something better in our understanding, practices and life both as individuals and as a collective. 


My book "From The Inside Out. Spirituality, Purpose and Wellbeing In Modern Society. " will be published early next year.  

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